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Change is the Only Constant

on Mon, 11/30/2015 - 08:01

‘Change is the only constant in life’, and its derivations, may be a well-worn quote attributed to the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus, but it’s true.  The only moment we experience unchanged is Now, in this very instant.  Even our past is not the past we experienced when it was our Now. 

At the moment we experience it we analyse it; without our conscious awareness our mind processes the experiences we are receiving and run them through our beliefs, our values, our past decisions and our memories, that’s assuming that it hasn’t already deleted that part of the experience before it even gets to

Is it all Black and White.....

on Sat, 09/26/2015 - 16:25


…or is it time to Play with the Grey?   When we are children we learn what is right and wrong firstly from those who raise us; then from those who educate us and next from our peers and social groups.  And if we each think back to those times now we can probably quite easily remember the people who informed our early choices…

‘… clear your plate it’s wrong to leave food.’

‘… don’t question, just do as you are told.’

‘… don’t wear that it’s not cool.’ 

‘…if you do this it will be good for your career.’

And so the influencers go on.

When you think about the guidance we were given and

Resilience - How is your Bounce-back Reflex?

on Tue, 03/24/2015 - 10:37

When did you last consider how resilient you are? I hazard a guess that it’s not high on your list of Must Do things for today and yet perhaps it needs to be.

So what is resilience? According to one online dictionary it is ‘the capacity to recover quickly; to bounce back into shape’. This is not a hugely enlightening description of what resilience means to we humans, although it does give us a starting point.

What Do You Expect?

on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 15:04

Are you getting what you expect?  When you go into a meeting and you expect a particular person to be difficult; are they?  When you embark on a new exercise regime and you expect it to be hard; is it?

When you find a new partner do you expect them to be just like the last one; and are they?  If we expect our performance to be rubbish, do we prove ourselves right?

I overheard a play leader ask a new parent their child’s name; on hearing ‘James’ the play leaders response was ‘Oh I have a James and he was very naughty, all James’ are naughty.’

At the end of James’ first day at play group his

Your Hair, or Your Life?!

on Thu, 03/13/2014 - 18:15

Sat waiting for my appointment I came to thinking about the decisions we make about our hair and the angst and trauma it can cause us.  Dye it, perm it, layer it, keep it short, grow it long, feather it, and don't get me started on products!!!!

How similar just one part of us, our hair, can be to the dilemmas we face in our lives.  To diet, to splurge, to cut and run from our jobs, to stick in there and hope that the job grows on us, to bring a bit of excitement and colour in.....  it's all just the same issues in a different arena; isn’t it?

So, if we want to make things easy for ourselves

Do You Love January?

on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 20:48

I love December too!  They are the months of gathering-in, hunkering-down, taking stock, planning, visioning and for a fresh start.

The end of January and the beginning of February sees the beginning of Spring for many countries in the Northern Hemisphere, marked by the ancient festivals like Candlemas, St Brigid's Day, Imbloc, etc.  The festivals fall around the time of the first full, or new, moon or sighting of the first wild snowdrop in bloom signalling the regeneration from the depths of the dark and cold.

You will notice as you look into the garden, walk in the park or drive to work

Soup for Breakfast?

on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 20:21

'You want soup for breakfast!?  Tomato soup for breakfast!?'

That's how it started.  Youngest child came downstairs and asked if he could have tomato soup for breakfast.  I was shocked, surprised and confused; why would he want tomato soup for breakfast?

Why was I surprised at the request?  Why did I exclaim so loudly?

Once I had stopped exclaiming I realised how ridiculous I was being at finding tomato soup for breakfast so shocking; was I not the one who ate ham sandwiches, trifle and cold lasagne for breakfast?

'Yep, that's fine,' I said,'Have tomato soup for breakfast.'

That exchange

And, What's Your Name?

on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 20:02

Before most of us are born a great deal of debate and discussion goes into what we are going to be named. Often when the baby arrives there are shouts of 'Oh she doesn't look like a Daisy' or 'I just don't see a Sam when I look at him' and the debate begins again.

Part of the name choosing may involve researching the meaning to ensure that we don't saddle our offspring with one that means - head of a donkey!*  Once we have settled on the name, how much consideration do we give it?

Surrender Control? Me?

on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 19:30

Have you ever surrendered control?  Have you ever considered how it would be, to allow someone else to control what happens in your life?

For most of us it's not something that we've done since we were children and we consider that as adults it is part of our responsibility to be incontrol of what we do and what happens in our lives.

In 2013 I found myself in a different position.

With my husband I signed up to complete a Sahara Desert Charity Trek; for some while I had wanted to repay Ronald MacDonald House Charities for the help they provide for parents with children in hospital and then

What does TWITTER mean to you?

on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 17:39

Some time ago I attended a half-day workshop 'How To Harness Your Market with Social Media'.  I had Facebook, LinkedIn, a website, an unused Twitter account and probably other social media that I hadn't used and really didn't know what to do with them.

The workshop was at Gloucestershire Enterprise and was taken by Gail Gibson.  I had first net Gail at a Women Entrepreneurs in Business meeting; she gave a brief talk on Social Media and she was so informative and interesting that I was immediately sold on attending her workshop.  It was great it gave my just what I needed then; it made me