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             Osmosis Dynamics

Osmosis -  Absorb into the mind, unconscious assimilation.  

Dynamics - Positive motivational influence, continuous change  


                                          Working with you in Mind  


Osmosis Dynamics Life Coaching Cheltenham & online..  

...provides a personalised and professional coaching service to it's clients; offering a path of support, challenge, focus and achievement on the way to realising your goals. Each programme is tailored to the clients specific needs and progression; it evolves session by session with a flexible approach, to adapt and embrace changing times.  

Emma Kingscott - MA, MAC, M.Prac NLP, M.Hyp, Dip.BSoM, M.TLTA - the founder and Managing Director of Osmosis Dynamics, spent many years in the business world managing areas of 3 to 65, before setting up her own personal development and coaching company.  She coaches internationally as part of the Leadership Coaching Pool for Save the Children  working with their leaders around the globe, and as a Mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW), supporting female entrepreneur in Developing & Emerging markets such as Bosnia, Ghana & Kenya. She recently successfully completed a Masters Degree in Coaching at Warwick University to further build her experience and skills, and subsequently qulified as a meditation teacher with the British Schoo; of Meditation.

In business, and as a wife, mother, and friend Emma has seen life from many perspectives and understands how easily we can change from confident, self-motivated, people into unsure, procrastinating individuals whom we no longer recognise. How the clarity we once had, can become clouded and confused; and how this can be turned around with the right support and guidance.  In her previous roles Emma has supported her people to improve their business performance, expand their awareness and  review their personal and business goals, to achieve the balance they want or the new career they dream of.

Emma is a Certified Master Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner NLP, Hypnosis, Creating Your Future™ and Time Line Therapy™, a Laughter Yoga Leader, and a Meditation Teacher, CBFW Mentor Alumni, Save the Children Leadership Coach, and mum of 5.  She is also an Associate with Skills To Go training and development company.  Emma is fully insured and registered with the appropriate organisations; her profile can be viewed in the Association for Coaching and the Life Coach Directory. She uses her experience to help clients make the changes they want and to achieve their goals. 

Contact - 07803 314308 or via the Contact Form


             To thine own self be true 

                - William Shakespeare -