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Laughter Yoga is  unique concept and was inspired by the works of Dr William F Fry, Dr Lee Berk, Norman Cousins and Dr Hunter (Patch) Adams.  It is an exercise routine combining unconditional laughter with yogic breathing.  Science has proved that the body cannot differentiate between real and simulated laughter and therefore the full physiologic benefits can be felt using this technique with just 20 minutes of practise.

You don't need as sense of humour to reap the benefits of laughter yoga; children are not born with a sense of humour, they laugh because it is in their nature to be.  For adults to rediscover the ability to laugh joyfully may require the need to remove layers of inhibition, programming and mental roadblocks created by ourselves, our family and society.

Dr Madan Kataria, a Mumbai doctor, was impressed by Norman Cousins' book 'Anatomy of an illness' and the research of Dr Lee Berk and decided to field test the impact of laughter on himself and other.  The results of which saw the birth of Laughter Yoga and an ever increasing range of laughter exercises, including elements of role play and techniques to stimulate playfulness were devised.  It unwinds the negative effects of stress, releases the feel-good hormones, endorphins, boosts the immune system, increases circulation, dislodges blocked emotions and the group interaction improves social connections.

Laughter Yoga today is a worldwide phenomenon with thousands of clubs worldwide and yoga teacher, coaches, therapists, doctors, teachers and many more using it within the work and practise.  

This technique can be used in Workshops or 1-to-1 coaching and allows the body to rid itself of stale air and boost the oxygen supply; when completed for over 20 minutes it aids mood, physiocal health and weight-loss.

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