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And, What's Your Name?

on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 20:02

Before most of us are born a great deal of debate and discussion goes into what we are going to be named. Often when the baby arrives there are shouts of 'Oh she doesn't look like a Daisy' or 'I just don't see a Sam when I look at him' and the debate begins again.

Part of the name choosing may involve researching the meaning to ensure that we don't saddle our offspring with one that means - head of a donkey!*  Once we have settled on the name, how much consideration do we give it?  Do we think how it is going to shape their lives, encourage friendships, improve their prospects, affect their career choice; probably not.

I was part of a fledging group which was going through the process of choosing a name which reflected the personality for us and the work we planned to do; it caused some interesting debate and we all had Inboxes full of options and counter options.  And this is how this blog came to be.

Whilst choosing my children's names I did all the above however I didn't consider how it would affect their lives in the longer term.  I did ensure that their initials didn't spell anything awful or that the abbreviation wasn't something that school mates would have an hilarious time with.  My one daughter has a name which means' Dreamer', and has know this since quite small.  And, she is indeed a dreamer, often floating in a different place to the rest of us; but is she a dreamer by nature or has hse adopted the mantle her name gives?  My own names means 'Whole or Universal', perhaps that's why I look to have balance, congruency and completeness in my life?

How does this work when we choose a name for our business?  Do we choose something obvious that people will know what it is as soon as they read it - Rainbow Domestic Paint Supplies - it 'does what is says on the tin' but does it convey how different it is from Prism Domestic Paint Supplies down the road?  Or do we choose something that causes people to say 'what do they do?' or 'how do they do it differently? or smile or laugh when they read it.  Who's heard of Crack Spackle?  It's a household wall filler, a product that's not exciting but no one will ever forget what it's called; especially when you link it with the builders who might use it, and again we are smiling.

So, what do you want your prospective clients to think when they read you name?  And does your business live up to its name?


* If there is a name which means 'head of a donkey', please let me know!

©Emma Kingscott