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Change is the Only Constant

on Mon, 11/30/2015 - 08:01

‘Change is the only constant in life’, and its derivations, may be a well-worn quote attributed to the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus, but it’s true.  The only moment we experience unchanged is Now, in this very instant.  Even our past is not the past we experienced when it was our Now. 

At the moment we experience it we analyse it; without our conscious awareness our mind processes the experiences we are receiving and run them through our beliefs, our values, our past decisions and our memories, that’s assuming that it hasn’t already deleted that part of the experience before it even gets to this stage or distorted it by misrepresenting the experience eg the butterflies in the stomach as nerves rather than excitement, or lastly our mind might generalise it by believing that one means all ie ‘She made me angry when she spoke to me so I know she’s going to make me angry every time she speaks to me’.  Finally our minds make our own personal internal representation of the experience, for us to file away, remember and react too and by now it isn’t anything like the original experience that we had in that Now!  All in the blink of an eye, well less actually.

We are part of change and we are change; even if we commit not to change it is still happening and it’s a change that we are part of.  We can effect change, we can ‘go with the flow’  but even then we will be make subtle, or not so, decisions that affect ‘the flow’ that we are experiencing even if we think things are just the same.

Paraphrasing Trigger in Only Fools and Horses about his trusty broom - I’ve had this broom for 20 years.  It’s had six new handles and ten new heads - !  That’s our life and body; we have them for many years but they’ll have 20 different hair dos, 1000’s of different outfits, a few different partners (?!), a handful of jobs, several size changes, many different changes of mind…………. but only one us, one mind, one body.

Noticing the change that we are in, have been in and will be in going forward, helps us to add to our perspective and allows us to understand and appreciate ourselves a little more. 

Best Wishes, Emma

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