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Coach Mentoring

Are you a Coach?  Or are you Training to become a Coach?


Do you work within an organisation or run your on business?

Are you thinking of setting up your own coaching business?

How are you going to look after yourself whilst you are looking after your clients?

What do you need to maximise your learning to benefit your company?

What knowledge do you need to aquire to help you, your business and your clients?

Who is going to help you put together all the pieces of the puzzle and support you?

This is where a Coach Mentor fits into your life.  Someone who understands what it's like to be in your position.  Someone who is there for you behind the scenes.

Someone who can:

- help you through new situations.

- build your confidence.

- observe and feedback on your coaching style.

- help you develop as a coach.

- be a critical friend.

- support and guide you through your coaching reflection.

- be there for you and your life.

Do you have a Coach Mentor helping you in your career and business?  

To find out more about our Coach Mentoring service email Emma directly on and give yourself the boost you need.