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Creating Your Future ™


The process of Creating Your Future ™ - CYF - is designed to give you the opportunity to let-go of the negative emotions from your past so that you can look to the present and future more clearly and begin to move towards your goals and aspirations.

You may have heard this being referred to as Time Line Therapy ™ .  More latterly it has been called Creating Your Future ™ - CYF- as it is truly letting go of the negative hold the past may have and creating your future.

Our memories are stored unconsciously in our Time Line, which is represented differently for each of us.  It allows us to differentiate between past memories and projection of our future.  The CYF techniques allows us to gain emotional release and knowledge  over our lives and behaviours, in a *content-free process.  You will have noticed that inappropriate emotional reactions, such  as out-bursts of anger, periods of apathy, sadness, anxiety and chronic fear are responsible for preventing people from  achieving the quality of life they desire.

 * Content-Free means that the details of the past events do not have to be revealed.

The Next Step

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