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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Simply put, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) studies the structure of how humans think and experience the world around them and then transforms the excellence observed into techniques that can allow others to achieve excellence too.  The branch of NLP that Osmosis Dynamics works with believes that wholeness and congruency are important in our lives and all the techniques and processes work with this in mind. Wholeness reduces internal conflict with our thoughts, beliefs, values and behaviours; and strengthens our knowledge of who we are, what is important to us and where we want to be.


Neuro: Relates to the nervous system, the mind, through which our experiences are processed by our senses and filters:

Auditory - The words and sounds we hear and the way they are said.

Visual - The sights we see and the way that someone looks at us.

Kinaesthetic - Internal and external feelings; the touch of someone or thing.

Olfactory - Smell.

Gustatory - Taste.

Linguistic:  Relates to language and other non-verbal communication through which experiences are given meaning and stored.

Programming: Relates to human thought and behaviour patterns, or programmes, that people use in their daily lives.

NLP allows individuals to see the choices they have; in the behaviours they display, the emotional states they occupy and in the physical states of well-being the access, by understanding how their mind works.  

The Next Step

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