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Online & Distance Coaching

Self-managed Online Coaching

Our Online Self-managed Coaching Programme available on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop at a time that suits you and  your preferred way of working.  You can add One-to-One coaching meetings if you wish, too! 

Quotes from our trial - 'Loved this programme.', 'I have gained skills as well as self-confidence, as well as knowledge...

Find out more now about the Online Self-managed programme here - Whole Life Thinking Self-managed Online Coaching Programme  


Distance Coaching

Traditionally In-person coaching has been seen as the only way to hold a coaching meeting however with the innovations and enhancements of video and online technologies Distance Coaching, like Distance Learning, is increasing in popularity.  In Distance Coaching we also include Self-managed Online Coaching Programmes.   Where you are in control of when and where you work through the coaching modules and also when, across the duration of the programme, you chose to have your inclusive coaching call.  Our self-managed programmes can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop so they are there whenever you want to dip into them.  Whilst often the programmes will be designed for release over a number of days and weeks, once they have been released you can work on them at a pace that fits your life.

Find out what others gained from their coaching on our Testimonials page.

Our 1-2-1 Distance Coaching is completed either fully via email* online calling or video calling, if you want to use Skype it can be downloaded here.  As with the In-person coaching the 1-2-1 distance meeting durations start from 30 minutes and are scheduled depending on each clients individual needs. The meetings follow the same format as the In-person Programmes and are designed on a unique basis for each client in exactly the same way too.  

There can be follow-up after each session dependant on the clients chosen approach.  All meeting times will be quoted in GMT unless specifically stated otherwise,

There are some requirements from coachees for Distance Coaching to ensure the meetings run smoothly and so that they can gain the maximum benefit. Full details of these are in the Coaching Agreement however a sample are:  

  • Being available at the agreed time.
  • A private space in which the coaching call can be taken.
  • Coachee is alone in the space; free from distractions e.g.. co-workers, family, TV, electronic devices.
  • The coach tooy follows all of these guidelines to ensure that coachee has their full attention.

To gain access to all the techniques available at Osmosis Dynamics a mixture of Distance Coaching and Face-to-Face Coaching can be chosen.

The Next Step

To find out more about coaching and you, and whether we are the best company for you to work with, please contact Emma directly on saying a little about what you are aiming to change or via the Contact Form here , and she will be in contact with you shortly.

Contact - 07803 314308 or via the Contact Form