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In-Person & Programmes


                    Every client that I work with is unique.  

                     So every programme I run is unique.



When you choose to work with me we will look at what you want to achieve, where you are now, how you arrived there and where you are heading.   We will work together each week/month to move you closer to your goal and re-ignite the enthusiasm, motivation, curiosity and knowledge you have to pursue your aim.  At each meeting we will evaluate and evolve your programme to ensure it continues in the direction you want.

The programme details below are the building blocks on which, together, we construct and grow the change programme unique to you; meetings durations can be from just 30 minutes. Would you like to build your new future; you can begin that process now, here.

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Initial Programme

A 5+ hour 1-to-1 programme to begin the process of change you are looking for.  See our Latest News about the new enhanced programme here.

Includes - Establishment session to understand where you are, how you arrived there, where you want to be and the area to work on. Tasking based on your aims and history. Techniques selected to allow you to begin your change plan.  Email support throughout.

Clarity Programme

A 10+ hour 1-to-1 programme to begin, shape and progress your personal change and goals.

Includes - As the Initial Programme with the addition of in-depth techniques to clarify your beliefs and decisions.  Detailed goal setting and goal progression.  Email/Skype support throughout as required.

Achieve Programme

A 15+ hour 1-to-1 programme designed to begin, shape, progress and have significant achievement towards your goal.

Includes - As Clarity, with the addition of Values work to align with your goals.  Test, review and evaluate - achievements, goals and the change process.  Resolve inner conflict. Email/Skype support throughout as required.

Thought Space 

Thought Space is a simple one hour coaching meeting with no follow-up or interim support outside of the meeting space.  It is driven by the moment in which the coachee arrives and the take-aways they chooses.


The Next Step

To find out more about coaching and you, and whether we are the best company for you to work with, please contact Emma directly on or via the Contact page here saying a little about what you are aiming to change and she will be in contact with you shortly.

Contact - 07803 314308 or via the Contact Form