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Soup for Breakfast?

on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 20:21

'You want soup for breakfast!?  Tomato soup for breakfast!?'

That's how it started.  Youngest child came downstairs and asked if he could have tomato soup for breakfast.  I was shocked, surprised and confused; why would he want tomato soup for breakfast?

Why was I surprised at the request?  Why did I exclaim so loudly?

Once I had stopped exclaiming I realised how ridiculous I was being at finding tomato soup for breakfast so shocking; was I not the one who ate ham sandwiches, trifle and cold lasagne for breakfast?

'Yep, that's fine,' I said,'Have tomato soup for breakfast.'

That exchange made me think about other times when we exclaim about the requests, demands, actions etc that other make.  How ridiculous we think they are being; how unacceptable their behaviour is; how unfathomable their thought process must have been to think XYZ was a good idea!

If we stop at that point and turn our gaze to our own requests, demands and actions, is it not possible to see how we too could have been seen as ridiculous, unacceptable and unfathomable too?

'Yes but..'I hear 'there was a reason why I ....'.  Everyone has a reason why; good, bad or indifferent we will each have a reason why.  It's only when we are honest with ourselves that we can do two things:

  1. To honestly review and understand our own behaviours so that we can adjust them in line with our beliefs and values.
  2. To accept that we do not know the other persons reasons and we should firstly seek to understand without judgement.

So, please enjoy eating whatever you want for breakfast, and I will too.


©Emma Kingscott