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Executive Coaching - Looking to introduce an executive coach to a client group taking part in a Leadership Programme Emma was the first person I thought of.  The group needed someone with sensitivity but also the skills to stretch their thinking and personal awareness.  The feedback I received from the leaders was extremely positive; they unanimously reported finding the coaching sessions to be an invaluable part of their leadership programme, often learning more through the one-to-one sessions than they had imagined would be possible.  From my perspective working with Emma was a pleasure; she was organised, professional and showed high levels of of empathy and intuition. Miranda Jenkins, Skills to Go

'Thank you Emma; again another inspiring session.' IH - Portfolio Careerist

Clarity, Motivation and Self-awareness - Emma is a superb, motivated and dynamic coach and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.  I felt that I learnt a great deal about myself and how this will help me in the future to achieve my goals; Emma was willing to challenge my views and she has helped me with my future work plans and confidence. The coaching programme was very comprehensive and exceeded all my expectations. GD - Training Manager

'Coming to see you is my special treat.' - Quote from client leaving a meeting

Confidence, Balance & Perspective -  I achieved the confidence I was lacking and I have received a lot of positive feedback professionally since I started the programme. The balance and perspective I have now feels permanent.  The whole programme felt bespoke and really worked for me. I found Emma to be perceptive, intelligent and thoughtful. Having someone who is committed to help you make a change in your life or achieve a goal is really motivating.  Quite simply, it made a huge difference to my life in a short period of time. - RT - Senior Lawyer

Perspective, Positive Change & Communication - (2014) The coaching has helped me to put things in perspective and realise what actions I need to take to become happy.  It made me look at what was holding me back from making positivr choices and to better commmunicate my needs ... It has ultimately allowed me to more easily cahnge career in line with my values now.  A useful aspect - Emma's ability to hone in on the things that no longer represented what I wanted.  It (coaching) is a great help when you are stuck in a rut, it can offer the support you need to make that changes that are right for you.  (2015) Happy Christmas Emma! I've had a fantastic year, my new business venture has 80 clients and 6 staff - my husband is also thinking of joining us!!! I'm happy every day and am so thankful for your brilliant coaching!  - CS - Pharmaceutical Manager

'Boosting women's financial skills in Ghana through mentoring Boosting women's financial skills in Ghana through mentoring'  As part of my work with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW) I was lucky enough to work with Selina from Ghana, whose success in increasing her client base by 20%, her revenue by 85%, and saving over 40% of the capital she needed for new business premises, was recognised in the foundation newsletter - CBFW Newsletter

Success, Understanding & Positive Change - Emma is an exceedingly professional and skilful coach who is also warm and approachable.  It was liberating to be able to talk out loud, and freely, about hopes, fears, highs and lows.  I always came out of the sessions with a skip in my step, feeling a great deal lighter in my mind.  I think I feel more successful ....because I am more mindful of

what I have achieved.  I reflect more on where I have come from and why I am the right person to be where I am.  I feel she has opened my eyes to tools and strategies....It was an entirely positive experinece, - RT - Multi-Disciplinary Director & Chair

Resilience & Wellbeing Workshop Feedback - 'What a great sessions.' 'Great session, it really held the group's interest and that says a lot!  I always find these sessions a useful reminder of the importance of resilience and supporting each other during stressful times.' 'Brilliant session.'

Self-confidence, Knowledge and Balance - The online self-managed programme gave me light to see the pathway in the forest.  It was just what I needed.  Having just returned to the UK after 12 years abroad, moving house, caring for a relative plus my own young children and startying my own business I really needed help.  The programme gave me tools to use then and now to help get my life into perspective.  The programme was easy to use and flexible on timing as self-directed.  Emma is knowledgeable, capable and a great asset to anyone looking for personal and business coaching. Katie Maughfling - Yoga Teacher.

Contentment and Positivity -  Thank you so much for all your help.  I'm now able to change a negative thought into a positive thought and am enjoying the positive glow this leaves me feeling inside.  I am more confident and independant than I realised. - TM - International Artist

Emotional Overwhelm - .... the work that I did with you has allowed me to make space for gifts and opportunity.  Thank you so much, I really like the comment 'try on' and yes I will. There is already less confusion and I feel quite different... - DC - Health Service Director

Skills & Perspective - A really refreshing method of making you understand and breakdown areas where you feel you need help.  It has put my personal and work life into perspective, has provided me with a portable skill-set and allowed me to re-visit and learn about my skills and my enjoyment of my job. - DT - Country Property Director

Self-belief and Confidence -  I have already recommended the programme to friends; my self-esteem and personal confidence have benefitted massively from the programme which was non-invasive and delivered in a very supportive manner.  I also very much enjoyed our chats which helped me reflect, learn and grow.  The work we did to allow me to build a foundation of positivity around my personal and professional capabilities and achievements. I'm using the lessons learned on a daily basis, which to me is a sign of how valuable they are to me.    Thank you so much for all your support, it really has made a huge difference - KP - Senior Manager Financial Services

Happiness, Acceptance & 'A Spring Clean'! - ...having someone who is unconnected to you and can have a truly unbiased, non-judgemental view is very refreshing and helpful.  It (coaching) feels like a spring clean of the mind and can give you a new lease of life.  I have become more accepting of myself.  I now feel much happier to let things go and stand a little taller...' - KH - Entrepreneurial Mother, Teacher & Cook

Clarity and Confidence - I am much more relaxed and am now confident an clear about who I am and  what I want.  I have managed to let go of many past events that have been holding me back.  It's made such a difference to me. - BT - Marketing and PR Company Owner

Confidence and Positive Thinking - I have gained confidence and developed real positivity in order to begin the changes that I have wanted to make in my life for such a long time.  I have gained so much knowledge from the programme and I am well on the way to a new career.  You only get one shot at life, it's important to make the very most of it and if you're not happy with something, then change it! - TH - NHS Professional

Motivation - I feel much more positive about my future and much happier in myself.  I will say that the whole process is enlightening. It is wonderful to feel in control and to have such inner peace. - CS -  Self-employed Portfolio Careerist

Career Change and Self-belief - Around the fourth session a definite ‘shift’ occurred.  I had been stuck in what I will call a change rut.  Between session four and five I achieved a great deal and felt excited and motivated.  This energy was amazing and an opportunity has come my way almost immediately.  I’m now taking positive steps and working towards making a living doing something that is in line with who I am.  I’m now doing what I should be doing and I am motivated and happy doing this.  I have already explained to my friends the amazing shift that occurred through talking and exploring.  Also, that you are a very kind, supportive and caring coach who ensured that I stayed motivated throughout.  I feel calmer and more in control of my life. - FT - Senior IT Specialist

Life Coaching - Emma is a dedicated, honest and passionate person who has extensive knowledge delivered in a very professional manner.  I and my family were experiencing a really difficult situation with our son.  I was totally amazed after my initial meeting with Emma.  I felt and feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders through my coaching sessions.  I highly recommend, and would definitely work again with, Emma. - JM - Independent HR Consultant

Achieve Programme - I am still feeling great after our sessions and am surprised how much impact the coaching and techniques have had.  I really feel like I can move forward with my life now, having a greater understanding of what is important to me.  I hadn't realised how much I actually ran away and avoided things in the past.  Emma worked with me on my Career Aspirations, also Health and Fitness, putting my goals into my Time Line.  I am actually achieving things and am on track to achieve my overall goal.  thank you so much for your help Emma. - AK - Company Owner

Fear of Flying/Falling - Client's Mum - They are now in Sydney and she was amazing.  No sleep and no pills for the entire journey!I think I should have sent the others to you as well; don't think they would have made it without her strength!  You work miracles! Thank you so much.  Client - I've just got home and I wanted to thank you for all your help, I had the most amazing time.  The flight there was absolutely fine; I didn't panic once whilst on the plane.  I even went in lifts, lots of times and even on my own.  I did so much during this trip that I never thought I would do, like getting a cable car from the beach up over the mountains to the zoo.  Thank you so much Emma, I had an amazing time and made it back in one calm piece. - CS - Fear/Phobia Client

Emotional Upheaval - I loved your approach and you handled me very well.  The integrating techniques was the most beneficial, helping me join whole life experiences together.  I feel more positive after our sessions and feel that I can slowly refill my life here and take forward the good things I used there.   Life is very complex and it's easy to get stuck in the way you think and behave and I would recommend Osmosis Dynamics to others. - DD - Teacher

The Next Step

To find out more about coaching and you, and whether we are the best company for you to work with, please contact Emma directly on or via the Contact page here saying a little about what you are aiming to change and she will be in contact with you shortly.