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What does TWITTER mean to you?

on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 17:39

Some time ago I attended a half-day workshop 'How To Harness Your Market with Social Media'.  I had Facebook, LinkedIn, a website, an unused Twitter account and probably other social media that I hadn't used and really didn't know what to do with them.

The workshop was at Gloucestershire Enterprise and was taken by Gail Gibson.  I had first net Gail at a Women Entrepreneurs in Business meeting; she gave a brief talk on Social Media and she was so informative and interesting that I was immediately sold on attending her workshop.  It was great it gave my just what I needed then; it made me aware of new social media opportunities, the etiquette for personal vs business posts, tools to manage social media feed and gave me an opportunity to prepare ideas for future posts, tweets etc.

I have now actually used my Twitter account and have more than just my husband following me!  @EmmaJKingscott 

Perhaps the most surprising, no that should be 'inspiring' part of the course was the last thing that Gail asked to - compose and acronym for TWITTER .

Our results were very different; each proving a personal reflection of what is important to each of us.  Mine was:








To me this means that if we reach out across the world, forge relationships, build bridges and gain understanding; perhaps the vision of world peace and happiness can be a reality - social media gives us the tools to achieve this and is an opportunity for us all to grasp.  Individuals relating across the miles can make a difference.


©Emma Kingscott