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Workshops are arranged from time to time, and cover different topics such as Positivity, Experiential Learning, Coaching Taster etc.  

A programme of workshops is presently being designed for those not yet ready to have a one-to-one coach of their own and are looking for some fun and simple steps they can take on their own with the support and motivation of being part of a like-minded group of people.  The workshops will be held in Cheltenham, UK and will be chargeable on a complete programme basis.  It is envisaged that there will be 4 x 1 hour evening workshops and 2 x 1 1/2 hour Saturday morning workshops to complete the 6 hour programme.

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The Next Step

Interested in joining a Workshop or a Workshop Programme?  To find out more about coaching and you, and whether we are the best company for you to work with, please contact Emma directly on saying a little about what you are aiming to change and what workshops you are interested in, or via the Contact page here , and she will be in contact with you shortly.she will be in contact with you shortly.

Contact - 07803 314308 or via the Contact Form


 Resilience & Wellbeing Workshop Feedback - 

 'What a great sessions.'

 'Great session, it really held the group's interest and that  says a lot!  I always find these sessions a useful reminder of  the importance of resilience and supporting each other  during stressful times.'

 'Brilliant session.'